Chef Philip

When chefs and equipment work harmoniously together, then the wonderful can be achieved. As menu trends evolve, the pressure to perform mounts and the kitchen becomes busier – success to handle pressure and stress can be measured on the positive ability to create and satisfy customers’ desires versus crumbling under stress.

Electrolux champions the changed kitchen by relieving unnecessary stress in everyday processes and improving workflow, creating a happier and calmer working environment.

Chef Philip admits that “customers sense the effects of stress” as it reflects in the quality of the food produces in the kitchen. Using the right equipment to alleviate stress, increase quality and facilitate the workflow process is integral in the success of a Chef. The air-o-chill blast chiller can be used to alleviate stress, make employees happier and healthier and as a result provide Chefs with the time needed to do their best quality work. Chefs can spend more time creating new menu items to address the constantly evolving food and taste trends, while allowing the right equipment to work the way it was design to.

Discover how we can transform your kitchen:

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