Chef Emma

Stress is most often associated with causing negative emotions, but if adjusted to effectively can be converted into a motivator or driver of success. Not many people desire to work in a stressful environment, however stress can create either mental tension or physical tension in a working environment and among team members.

In order to perform at a high level, Chefs need to know how to adjust, cope and communicate when necessary to overcome challenges and do their jobs.

Electrolux champions the changed kitchen by relieving unnecessary stress in everyday processes and improving workflow, creating a happier and calmer working environment.

Combi Oven with Blast Chiller for Electrolux Professional's Cook&Chill process
Electrolux Professional Tower of Power - Blast Chiller + Combi Oven

Chef Emma says “one team, one dream” and how focus and communication help her overcome the stressful circumstances and challenges. Using the right equipment to alleviate stress, increase quality and facilitate the workflow process is integral in the success of a Chef.

The perfect Electrolux “team” is the air-o-system, pairing a matching combi oven with a blast chiller to offer the harmonious and dependable relationship between cooking and chilling processes. Chefs can spend more time creating new menu items to address the constantly evolving food and taste trends, while allowing the right equipment to work the way it was designed to.

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