Service team provides extensive SpeeDelight field training tour

A trip was organized in November and December to educate Electrolux Professional service partners on the new SpeeDelight. This training opportunity allowed Electrolux after sales to share their knowledge with our servicers and enhance their preparedness to support this flexible and capable new product. The training presentation delivered at all locations included an in-depth exploration of the electronics, power distribution and safety features integrated in the new design.

The first stop was with Tech24 in Roanoke, Virginia. The training included an overview of the redesign goals, illustrations of how those goals were actualized, and the benefits to the users and servicers. During the course of the discussion, a sample grill was opened to illustrate the easy access to internal components that is provided by access panels on all six sides of the cabinet.

The second stop was just outside Baltimore, Maryland, at EMR Service. The service techs at EMR were anxious to receive the information on the new product. The modification that met the greatest approval was the reconfiguration of the working surface glass and frame assembly that allows a technician to quickly and easily change out the quartz cooking surface and support framework with a preconfigured assembly.

The third training event was conducted in Flanders, New Jersey, with the technicians employed with Service Plus. The techs showed interest in the training and asked many questions. Once the presentation was completed, the grill was connected in the workshop to demonstrate the ease of accessing service menus and programming features that are available to the chefs and store managers who use the grill. All seemed pleased with the ability to access the service menus without disconnecting the grill from power.

The fourth training event was held in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with K & D Service. After the presentation and demonstration of accessing the service menus, the technicians prepared sandwiches and cooked them on the new grill. It was a vivid demonstration of the delicious foods that can be prepared with ingredients that are readily available at a local grocer. All the technicians agreed that the grill was simple to operate and produced great results.

The next group that welcomed the Electrolux trainer was with AlPro Service in Maspeth, New York. The technicians welcomed the information and engaged in lively discussions about the improved serviceability and enhanced user functions. The self-service cooking demonstration was a huge success.

The technicians discussed how the improved serviceability would save many hours by eliminating the need to remove the grill from the café for routine maintenance. This is particularly beneficial to service agencies operating in major metropolitan areas where traffic and parking present obstacles to efficient service.

Joe Warren and Sons in Norwood, Massachusetts, hosted the sixth training event in their service shop. This is a family business with three of Mr. Warren’s sons engaged in the business. There was also another father and son who both worked as service technicians for Joe Warren. The technicians had extensive experience with the initial High Speed Sandwich Press, and were pleased with the serviceability improvements in the new grill.

The seventh training was conducted as snow fell in Rochester, New York, at the service shop of Duffy’s Equipment Service. The presentation was met with many questions as well as praise for the improvements in serviceability. The attendees also commented on how the cabinet has been designed to allow easier access and to reduce the ingress of oils and other food residue to the cabinet. The cooking demonstration and instructions for care and cleaning of the new grill were highlighted.

Midwest Foodservice repair hosted the final training session in their service shop. The technicians embraced the changes in the new product and agreed the new display made programming and diagnosis was much easier than in the earlier unit. The techs were also impressed by the results achieved by Electrolux design engineers redesign to improve serviceability.

The after sales team is preparing to schedule additional training for a small number of service providers in early 2018.

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