Eight (8) Open Gas Burner Top - 48" with Safety Thermocouple 169133
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Eight (8) Open Gas Burner Top - 48" with Safety Thermocouple 169133

EMPower Restaurant Range burners, gas, 48" wide, (8) 32,500 BTU (260,000 BTU total) open burners with (4" adjustable, removable legs)

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Product Features

  • In compliance with ETL Certification (UL & NSF).

  • Configured for Natural Gas, LP Conversion Kit Included.

  • Eight individually controlled high efficiency 32,500 BTU (9.5 kW) Flower Flame gas burners.

  • Control knobs provide smooth, continuous rotation.

  • No gaskets and removable one-piece venturis and burners for easy cleaning.

  • The geometrics of the venturis and cast iron burners provides the maximum level of heating efficiency.

  • The cast iron burners are anti-clogging.

  • The 12"x12" (305mm x 305mm) cast iron pan supports allow for small pots and pans to be placed over the flame thanks to the spcial configuration.

  • The cast iron pan supports allow to slide pots and pans from section to section as well as to protect the pilot from spilled food and debris.

  • Two crumb trays covering full width of appliance below the burners capture all overflow and debris and can be easily extracted for dumping and cleaning.

  • All major components can be accessed from the top and front of the appliance for ease of maintenance.

  • Front and side panels in Stainless Steel with Scotch Brite finish.

  • Special heavy duty chrome plated knobs for durability and easy cleaning.

  • The configuration of bezels and knobs provides high level of protection against water infiltrations.

  • Right-angled side edges to allow flush fitting joints between units, eliminating gaps and possible dirt traps.

  • Provided with kit for side-by-side connection between units for minimizing gaps and possible dirt traps.

  • Supplied with 4" (102mm) height adjustable, removable legs.

  • Unit may be installed on refrigerated base by removing the legs and inserting the special pins (optional accessory).

  • Unit may be installed on open cupboard by removing the legs and inserting the screws provided as standard with the open cupboards.

  • Included Accessories: propane converter kit, pressure regulator and main shut off valve.

  • 4 screws to install on the cupboard base are supplied with the unit.

  • Gas pressure regulator is supplied with the unit.

  • Worktop in 304 AISI stainless steel.


  • Gas Power: 76 kW
  • Gas Type Option: ;Propane
  • Gas Inlet: 1/2"
Key Information:
  • Front Burners Power: 9.5 - 9.5 kW (32385.5 - 32385.5 Btu/hr)
  • Middle Burners Power: 9.5 - 9.5/9.5 - 9.5 kW (32385.5 - 32385.5/32385.5 - 32385.5 Btu/hr)
  • External dimensions, Width: 48 1/32" (1220 mm)
  • External dimensions, Height: 14 5/8" (372 mm)
  • Net weight: 245 lbs (111 kg)
  • Shipping width: 50 9/16" (1284 mm)
  • Shipping depth: 36 3/16" (919 mm)
  • Shipping height: 27 1/16" (688 mm)
  • Shipping weight: 276 lbs (125 kg)
  • Shipping volume: 28.67 ft³ (0.81 m³)
  • *The rear and side clearances shown on the diagram indicate the minimum distances reccomeneded from the appliance to combustible surfaces.


  • Range overviews
  • CAD Drawings
  • Data Sheet

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EMPowerEight (8) Open Gas Burner Top - 48

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