Newsletter – December 2017

Electrolux at LinkedIn’s New York Office in Empire State Building

LinkedIn, the business and employment-oriented social networking service, was founded in December 2002 and has grown into a powerhouse fixture of social media.

Located in the Empire State Building, LinkedIn’s New York Office takes up five and a half floors with 700 employees working there. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calfiornia, with 30 offices around the world.

Within the Manhattan office, visitors enter by walking down a cool blue neon-lit hallway to a central lobby. Once inside, the office is an open layout with adjustable sliding panels for employees to rearrange as needed.

There is an office movie theater where employees can watch films or play video games as well as a gym for exercise with workout classes available.

Employees can relax or brainstorm with recreational activities including a pool table, foosball tables, karaoke machine (where employees occasionally have karaoke battles with one another), employee lounge areas – including one with a gas fireplace and a library. There is even a hidden speakeasy room with secret access for office get-togethers and parties.

A real highlight is the on-site kitchen that provides employees free catered breakfasts and lunches everyday along with spontaneous treats like pop-up poke bars and cookie decorating stations.

Electrolux Professional equipment has been installed in the kitchen including multiple air-o-steam Touchline combi ovens as well as a full size 20 pan gas combi with banqueting trolley.

EMPower restaurant range equipment installed includes connected smooth top griddles, charbroilers and refrigerated/freezer bases.

Kaufmann & Associates managed the New York installation working with Stafford Smith.

Foodservice Equipment Dealers Visit Center of Excellence

November and December were busy months at the Electrolux Professional Center of Excellence in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Among the scheduled customer trainings were visits from foodservice equipment dealers with Electrolux Corporate Executive Chef Corey Siegel leading hands-on product education training.

In November, representatives from Deacon Foodservice Solutions and Edward Don visited the COE to see why Electrolux Professional should be the first choice when it comes to outfitting a commercial kitchen.

Deacon Foodservice Solutions is a Charlotte, North Carolina, based foodservice equipment dealer and Edward Don is the world’s leading distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies. Carolina Marketing, based in North Carolina and South Carolina, co-hosted these dealer visits.

In December, BHS Foodservice Solutions, stopped by the COE to see what was cooking. BHS Foodservice Solutions serves clients in Buffalo, Rochester and Albany, New York.

Chef Corey showcased the variety of Electrolux cook and chill solutions available, as well as dishwashing, food prep, custom ranges, and commercial laundry solutions. Joe Wilson and Rob Vickers from J. Wilson Marketing in New York co-hosted the visit. Chef Corey prepared a spicy paella with the guests using the thermaline 24-gallon pressure braising pan and TRS vegetable cutter.

November Laundry Event – Advanced Training on C-Flex Ironer

Electrolux Professional hosted advanced training on the C-Flex Ironer from Nov. 14-16 at the Center of Excellence in Charlotte. The training included knowledge for service repairs, the installation process, how to program the ironer and a complete review for servicing.

About 25 visitors were in from across North America including Canada and the West Coast. The three-day training included knowledge on the ironers in PowerPoint format followed by a hands-on session.

“I just wanted to express my thanks to Electrolux Professional for this training event. Not only Sam and the Technical team had everything ready, but having Phillipe here for the training was over the top,” said Ernesto Rodriguez, director of product training for Laundrylux. “His extensive knowledge and experience on Barrier Washers and Ironers will definitely help technicians provide the best support to the end user. As well the Sales Managers that attended the event will take this information provided to increase sales! Thank you again.”

“The knowledge and experience shared by Electrolux’s factory technicians are invaluable tools our companies can use for future growth,” service manager Alma Ibrahim with A2Z Laundry Systems Inc. said.

The educational sessions on the laundry equipment are held once a year.

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Zandra’s Taqueria Utilizes Electrolux Cook and Chill System

Electrolux rep group ASM-Market First covers the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. territory.

They recently managed the installation of new Electrolux Professional Cook and Chill equipment at Zandra’s Taqueria commissary kitchen located in Manassas, Virginia. Zandra’s makes tasty handcrafted tacos complimented by a large full-service bar offering margaritas, tequila, rum, and cervezas.

The kitchen at Zandra’s is fully equipped with a matching combi oven and blast chiller/shock freezer, 45-gallon high productivity pressure braising pan, thawing cabinet and vacuum seal machine.

These guys had amazing tacos before but with the added consistency through the use of the Electrolux integrated Cook and Chill system, their customers can count on the juiciest and most delicious tacos every time. This system will arm them to expand their growing catering business and future food truck not to mention other locations in the future as they grow.

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