A complete cleaning service
in 55 minutes

lagoon® Advanced Care
Fast, easy and green.

The Lagoon Advanced Care wet-cleaning system is delicate on fabrics, gentle on the environment and a game changer for the garment care business.

The system is an environmentally safe, affordable alternative to dry cleaning garments with manufactured solvents.


Environmentally friendly with no toxic chemicals used in processes, as water is the solvent.

Delicate on the delicates

Outstanding results with most precious textiles and fine wool labeled dry-clean only.

A real game changer

Easy wet cleaning with no hard-to-learn procedure and no bottlenecks.

All the benefits of water
with the speed and simplicity of solvent-cleaning

lagoon advanced care workflow

“Those who look to the future will choose lagoon® Advanced Care.”

“Thanks to lagoon® Advanced Care we can really do anything, now, with water.  Garments come out of the process extremely clean and restoring them to shape has become an easy task. We have no need to use solvents anymore.

“With lagoon® Advanced Care, we now only do wet-cleaning. It is safer for us to work with water and it is safe for the environment.

“Garments are not only really clean, they smell fresh and have such a nice feeling to the touch.
Just one hour for a perfectly finished piece. We can even offer an express service when needed. We are satisfied with the operations and our customers love the results!”

James Leat
‘ideal CLEANERS’ owner

Endorsed by Experts

No textile wear, colour loss or permanent dimensional change, after multiple cleaning cycles – certified by the Hohenstein Institute.

lagoon® has been endorsed by The Woolmark Company as suitable for wet-cleaning even the finest wools labelled dry-clean only.

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