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SpeeDelight high speed cooking

SpeeDelight high speed cooking solutionFast has never tasted so good.SpeeDelight gives you the freedom to combine speed, quality and creativity: be a sprinter when you cook and an ace when it comes to ...

Boost your menu with SpeeDelight video recipes

SpeeDelight is much more than a high speed panini press, it’s the professional solution for businesses on the move by Electrolux Professional.SpeeDelight is a dual-plate high speed grill with the ...

SpeeDelight: On its way to becoming a global iconic product

‘Fast has never tasted so good’ was the claim when Electrolux Professional launched SpeeDelight. Twelve months on and its rapid rise has changed the face of the humble panini grill, ...

Host 2017: Wowing the crowds with SpeeDelight

PARIDE GIOVELLI & HENRY GUADAGNI, two chefs from our Electrolux Chef Academy, take time out from their busy SpeeDelight demos at Host 2017 to describe visitor reactions to the tastes ...

Accessories and consumables - SpeeDelight

Accessories and Consumables SpeeDelightSpeeDelight gives you the freedom to combine speed, quality and creativity. Just with the right Accessories and Consumables you can keep your SpeeDelight in peak form.Accessories and consumables ...

SpeeDelight productivity savings

Discover your new productivity and savings with SpeeDelightMinimum effort for maximum performance

SpeeDelight does it again: Janus de l’Industrie winner

In the year of its launch, SpeeDelight has become a multi award-winning product. The latest prize is the Janus de l’Industrie 2017, one of the most recognized design awards in ...

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SpeeDelight with adjustable tube, flat removable teflon plate


SpeeDelight with manual Adjustable Top flat Contact Plate, dark grey

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SpeeDelight with adjustable tube, ribbed removable teflon plate


SpeeDelight with manual Adjustable Top ribbed Contact Plate, dark grey - Japan

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SpeeDelight with flexible plate, smooth removable teflon plate


SpeeDelight with Flexible Top flat Contact Plate, dark grey - EMEA, Singapore

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