Moderna Textielservice

Hardenberg, Netherlands

Commercial laundry

Moderna – the largest commercial laundry in the Netherlands still going strong

Thursday, October 9th, 2014, exactly one year after the devastating fire destroyed their accommodations in Gramsbergen, Moderna Textielservice opened its doors to the new premises in Hardenberg, Netherlands. Moderna Textielservice is recognized as being the largest commercial laundry in the Netherlands. Keeping future growth in mind, the city of Hardenberg was chosen as the ideal location. In fact, the building is more spacious and has been completely built with a main focus on sustainability.

Since 1964, the Olsman family has greatly evolved, from a small dry cleaning business into a complete textile service with over 200 employees. They clean every imaginable fabric; from dry cleaning delicate garments to bulk washing of workwear, but also hospitality and healthcare laundry. But in order to be a full service provider, Moderna also provides toiletries like soap bars and towel dispensers. With partnerships throughout the Netherlands they have national coverage.

Washers and dryers by Electrolux Professional

In the old facility in Gramsbergen, Moderna was already relying on Electrolux equipment for years, and now in the new building Electrolux supplied 29 brand new washers and dryers. Included in this order were 3 barrier washers (25, 35 and 45 kg) for the healthcare section; a 60 kg front loading washing machine for catering linen and a 40 kg front loading washing machine for the dry cleaning section. All machines were delivered with matching dryers.

Focus on sustainability

Electrolux Professional was chosen not only in terms of value for money but also for its ergonomics, usability, flexibility, and above all efficiency which played a very important role. The focus of Moderna is more than ever on sustainability. Their facility is built in order to consume 40% less energy. Electrolux plays a key role in these savings as its machines are the most efficient on the market in terms of water, detergent and energy consumption.

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