Food Service Product Launch

Electrolux Professional have recently unveiled three new industry-leading products

SpeeDelight is taking customers back to the crisp, a unique cooking solution for a range of food outlets from quick service restaurants to pubs and bars, coffee shops and retail operations.

ecoStore HP Refrigerated Counter has raised the bar on refrigeration convenience, efficiency and storage capacity with the launch of its ecostoreHP range of refrigerated counters.

green&clean Rack Type Dishwasher helping a range of catering outlets to achieve high productivity, high performance and complete peace of mind. Thanks to a host of innovative features, the new solution can be relied upon by operators as the real backbone to their business.


Peerless cooking performance
Chef-worthy snacks thanks to the combination of 3 cooking technologies: contact plates, infrared radiation and microwaves.

Worry-free finish
Press the button and your job is done: the lid will rise automatically when your snack is ready.

An intelligent press
The upper plate settles automatically on your food with just the right pressure.

ecoStore HP Refrigerated Counter

Energy efficiency class A makes a real difference to your energy bill.

Food stays fresher for longer with Optiflow smart air circulation and climate class 5

50 extra litres of net volume means 20% more storage

With countless custom options, Electrolux can give you the counter you need.

green&clean Rack Type Dishwasher

With the lowest running costs in the industry and guaranteed results load after load the new green&clean rack type dishwasher from Electrolux is the best in class for sustainability and reliability.

Lowest running costs in the industry

Brilliant washing results

Guaranteed sanitation

Use and maintenance

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