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Electrolux Express Range

Electrolux Express is available on a core range of commercial kitchen equipment which could have an impact on your kitchen.

We want to take the stress out of replacing and upgrading catering equipment.

You already know that Electrolux Professional can supply your whole kitchen, but what happens when you need just one or two pieces of equipment, quickly? We present Electrolux Express – a unique service providing you instant access to a core range of catering equipment that can be delivered within 24 hours*

Created in partnership with Shire Leasing, the new initiative offers a one-stop service with flexible finance options to make upgrades and distress scenarios as pain free as possible for those without the capital to take immediate action.

24 to the door Electrolux Express Logo
Electrolux Express logo

The Facts

  • Replacement catering equipment in 24 hours*
  • Core Electrolux equipment product range available
  • No capital outlay required
  • Quick and easy process
6 grid
aos combi oven
undercounter dishwasher express range

The NEW Electrolux Express range features cooking, refrigeration, and dishwashing equipment; including our 6-Grid Combi oven and medical line Undercounter Dishwasher, all of which can provide welcome respite to a kitchen in need of an emergency replacement.

Our recent industry survey examining the state of the catering equipment replacement market found  refrigeration and dishwashing equipment to be amongst the most commonly replaced kitchen equipment over the last 12 months. As such we have decided to focus our ‘24 to the door’ initiative around these key equipment areas in order to reassure any suppliers of our products that if an emergency does occur, Electrolux Professional will be at hand to provide a fast replacement to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum.

To find your nearest distributor to receive your Electrolux Express equipment from, visit our Sales and Service Locator.

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*on orders placed by 11am

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