Center of Excellence

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Electrolux Professional in Luton is home to the Center of Excellence, in which we have two fully working showrooms, as well as a static area and technical area which allows our service partners to learn the products inside out. Being at the unique facility, means that customers can experience the full capabilities of the Electrolux Professional range of food and laundry equipment with our experienced teams.

The Center of Excellence is the epitome of Electrolux storytelling for our customers and partners.

The static area of the showrooms display our thermaline range, which combines the latest in culinary technology with the flexibility of choosing from a range of cooking options to suit your needs. The static area also shows the rack type dishwasher, XP horizontal suite, our cook&chill system as well as the ecostore and refrigeration cabinets we provide.

Our Center of Excellene also has a fully working laundry, which houses a variety of the solutions we can provide. These include hotels – outsourcing vs in-house laundry, lagoon Advanced Care – the alternative to dry cleaning, healthcare – barrier washer elimination of cross contamination, facilities management – microfibre cleaning and solutions for commercial laundry.

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