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ecostore HP in class A, designed for heavy duty working conditions

Electrolux Professional’s ecostoreHP is in class A, compatible with the requirements of top classes for the first mandatory Europe-wide energy labelling for professional refrigerators and freezers.

ecostore class A

More capacity and best in class in energy efficiency.

Cut your electricity bill by 80% and save up to 830 euro/year*.

energy savings

*Potential savings based on European Ecodesign directive data and obtained by comparing Class G refrigerators and freezers with equivalent Class A cabinets (energy cost of 0,21 €/kWh and net volume of 503lt). The label complies with the delegated regulation (UE) 2015/1094 of the commission of 5th may 2015.

Why should my business invest in an ecostore?


Smart Performance

Air circulation system

ecostore cabinets, equipped with Frost Watch Control provide great advantages in kitchens with frequent door openings, because they optimize defrosting avoiding sudden changes in temperature, reducing bacterial proliferation, food damage and high energy consumption.

energy saving efficiency

Energy efficiency

65% less energy consumption

To guarantee you exceptional efficiency, our ecostore cabinets are classified according to the strictest international standards for protecting the environment and managing costs like ECA, EIA, Go’Energi and European Energy Label.

capacity refrigerated cabinet

Storage capacity

Up to 50 liters more space

Thanks to their new design, the Electrolux ecostore cabinets provide, on average, 50 litres more available space, compared to equivalent cabinets in the market. Exceptional sturdiness is guaranteed by internal and external full AISI 304 stainless steel construction.

Optiflow: the best cooling results and temperature uniformity while saving energy

Optiflow is the intelligent air circulation system which adapts to your load for the best cooling results, optimal temperature uniformity and increased savings in energy consumption.

In the ecostore cabinets, the shape of the condenser has been developed to minimize resistance in the passage of the air, reducing its depth, thus guaranteeing the best cooling results.

refrigeration optiflow

Optimal food preservation with ecostoreHP

preservationReduce food waste with Optiflow and climate class 5.
ecostoreHP Premium achieves optimal food preservation by creating a microclimate with the ideal conditions for all different food types which need specific temperatures and humidity levels.

ecostore class A
ecostore is created for a professional target group with high demands. ecostore is the choice for any company that values a combination of innovation, reliability and sustainability.

EcostoreHP – top class refrigeration

ecostore Refrigerated Cabinets

A responsible refrigeration

refrigeration accessories and consumables
Gaskets, grids and wire baskets

To preserve the food, accessories for refrigeration are the most valuable asset in your kitchen. Choosing the proper accessory is a guarantee for correct and efficient operation.

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Refrigerated cabinets

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  • Digital Cabinets1 Glass Door Wine Refrigerator, 50 bottles, black

    Digital Cabinets
    1 Glass Door Wine Refrigerator, 50 bottles, black

    1-glass door wine refrigerator, 50 bottles, black
    • Model requires only 1 phase 230V supply and can be plugged straight into an existing power socket.
    • Simple refrigeration system easily accessible from the rear of the units.
    • Attractive presentation through glass door and lighting.
    • Performance guaranteed at ambient temperatures of +38 °C.

  • Digital Cabinets400lt Line Refrigerator 1 Glass Door - Stainless steel (R600a)

    Digital Cabinets
    400lt Line Refrigerator 1 Glass Door - Stainless steel (R600a)

    1-glass door refrigerator 400lt, 0+10°C, stainless steel, ventilated, R600a
    • Digital control panel allowing the easy and precise setting and control of the internal temperature.
    • Shelf runners are thermoformed and are incorporated in the internal structure to be easily cleanable.
    • Suitable for use in ambient temperatures of up to 32 °C.
    • Model requires only 1 phase 230V supply and can be plugged straight into an existing power socket.

  • Digital CabinetsDigital Ice-cream Preserver 1 Door 720lt (-28/-12)

    Digital Cabinets
    Digital Ice-cream Preserver 1 Door 720lt (-28/-12)

    1-door ice cream preserver 720lt, -28/-12°C
    • CFC and HCFC free, highly ecological refrigerant type: R290 (ecological gas in foam: cyclopentane). Hydrocarbon refrigerant gas R290 for the lowest environmental impact (GWP=3), to reduce green house and ozone depletion effects.
    • Large digital white-digit display with cabinet temperature display and setting and turbo frost cycle (to rapidly cool warm loads).
    • IPX5 frontal water protection.
    • Large storage area suitable to contain 720x540 mm grids to improve net capacity.

  • ecostore1 Door Digital Freezer, 670lt (-22 / -15)

    1 Door Digital Freezer, 670lt (-22 / -15)

    1-door freezer 670lt, -22-15°C, digital, AISI 304
    • Tropicalized unit (43°C ambient temperature).
    • Automatic defrost.
    • Large storage area suitable to contain 2/1 GN grids or shelves on anti-tilt runners.
    • Right hinged full door.

  • Digital CabinetsRefrigerated Counter 160 lt - undercounter

    Digital Cabinets
    Refrigerated Counter 160 lt - undercounter

    1-door undercounter refrigerator 160lt, +2+10°C, prepainted grey with stainless steel door
    • Internal light and lockable door.
    • Refrigerators models have operating temperatures that can be adjusted from +2 to +10 °C to suit both meat and dairy storage requirements.
    • Very quiet operation: noise level less than 45 dB (A).
    • Temperature display.

  • ecostore2 Half Door Dual Digital Refrigerator, 670lt (-2/-2)

    2 Half Door Dual Digital Refrigerator, 670lt (-2/-2)

    2-half door, dual temperature refrigerator 670lt, -2+10°C / -2+10°C, digital, AISI 304
    • Tropicalized unit (43°C ambient temperature).
    • Automatic defrost.
    • Large storage area suitable to contain 2/1 GN grids or shelves on anti-tilt runners.
    • Dual temperature type: -2 +10 °C/-2 +10 °C.

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