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Host 2017: Wowing the crowds with SpeeDelight

PARIDE GIOVELLI & HENRY GUADAGNI, two chefs from our Electrolux Chef Academy, take time out from their busy SpeeDelight demos at Host 2017 to describe visitor reactions to the tastes served throughout the day. In the year of its laun...


“Steam turned out to be a smarter way”

As an experienced chef, I’m often asked what I enjoy most about working in the kitchen, which can be a difficult question to answer at times. Could it be the setting – a Renault factory within an early 20th century mansion, built on ...


How to make your dream laundry a reality

Consumer’s expectations of how and where their garments are cleaned are evolving – and fast. Helping businesses to remain both relevant and profitable in this shifting landscape is paramount, and our myLaundry concept store is a complet...