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Helping the homeless for the season of goodwill

As a manufacturer with operations around the world, we try our best to help local communities wherever we can. So, when UK charity, Off The Fence, reached out to us in summer 2017, we were instantly eager to find out how we could help. T...


Ideas to lighten the load in a commercial laundry

Eliminating stress and strains, and making washing less of a chore – just two of the ideas that won over the jury when our very own Research Hub hosted its first Designathon to find new ideas for the future of the commercial laundry. ...


When Alain Ducasse met the new Molteni

The renowned French-born chef has long been an admirer of the iconic hand-made stove. He made a guest appearance at Electrolux Professional during HOST to see the new generation Molteni Caractère and discuss the future of dining. Wi...