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This barrel freezer is the industry workhorse, delivering a delicious variety of smoothies, frozen cappuccinos and lattes, frozen fruit drinks, granitas, cocktails and slushes.
Frozen beverage dispensers are consistent, dependable, powerful, and a smart choice.

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Heavy duty components

Provide long-lasting commercial use and AVOID DOWNTIME. Oversize drive motor and rugged belt drive keep freezers running when you need them most. Steel frame solid construction for an EXTENDED LIFETIME.


Reliable consistency control. Dispenses perfect product under the harshest of operating conditions. Perfect drinks mean HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

Smart investment

High capacity output allowing it to MEET THE DEMAND of very busy locations.

Smart design

Power switch located on back to AVOID TAMPERING.



Attracts attention

FlavorLight illuminates the frozen product with a variety of eye catching back-lit signs that DRAW CUSTOMERS and INCREASE SALES.

Capacity for your need

Serve a variety of frozen drinks with single and double barrel models with 19-26.5L per hour capacity per barrel.

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Always ready

Product reservoir continually replenishes frozen product in barrel. Your PRODUCTIVITY is INCREASED when there is no need to wait for product to refreeze after refilling. And when the mix level is low, the mix low light alerts user to refill reservoir. SAVES LABOR.

Consistency adjustment

It is easy to alter the thickness of the beverage, adjust for different mixes, or to switch product types. This gives you the opportunity for ADDITIONAL SALES.



Small space, big savings

Single barrel model is only 33 cm wide, but more than DOUBLES the output CAPACITY of visual beverage freezers, allowing you to INCREASE SALES.
ZERO CLEARANCE is necessary at the back, and only 15 cm clearance on either side gives you more room.

Built to last

Maximum durability even in OUTDOOR settings with HIGH TEMPERATURES and HUMIDITY. Virtually ELIMINATES DOWNTIME.

Frozen beverage dispensers

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