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Our modular cooking ranges fit perfectly for quick service and full service restaurants

900XP range

  • Automatic Pasta Cooker HP is extremely versatile. Not only pasta, it boils meat, vegetables, potatoes, rice, cereals and more.
  • PowerGrill: high performance grilling system and superior heat uniformity.
  • 1200mm-wide Fry TopHP: superb productivity and quality of cooking.
  • Gas convection oven: increased productivity by cooking on 2 levels, and maximizing kitchen operations.
  • “Flower flame” burners: flame adapts to pots of any diameter, heats only the bottom.

700XP range

The new 700XP stove incorporates a number of clever innovations to improve cooking efficiency and productivity:

  • High power Induction Top and woks increase performance assure low heat emissions to increase savings and a better cooking environment.
  • The Electric Hob Top offers small, labour-intensive kitchens increased productivity as compared to standard electric plates.
  • The exclusive “flower flame” burners guarantee flexibility and high efficiency. Because of their unique shape, the flame is precisely adjusted to fit pans of any diameter.

Modular Cooking Ranges from Electrolux Professional

Imagine a commercial kitchen that can grow with you. That’s one of the major advantages of owning an Electrolux Professional modular cooking range.

Every business wants to grow, but not every business is ready for growth when the time is right. When you have Electrolux Professional in your kitchen, you’re always ready. The modular design means you can add components as they’re needed.

Being modular also means maintenance is simplified. If one section of your cooking range needs some heavy duty cleaning or service, it’s easy to remove just that section without having to take your entire cooking range out of action. That’s smart, and it’s just one of many advantages you will find with Electrolux Professional commercial kitchen appliances.
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Modular Cooking Equipment Gives You More Control

Having a modular system means you get more independent control over every station. It also means you don’t need to purchase individual specialized equipment for every different kind of food you want to prepare.

This simplifies everything for you and for your cooking professionals. Instead of having to concern yourself with multiple warranties and deal with numerous suppliers, you can get all your product support from one place. In fact, you can fit out your entire kitchen with Electrolux Professional appliances, because we have everything you need.

Another concern you may have if you’re sourcing your kitchen equipment from numerous different brands is how you will manage if one of those brands goes out of business. This does happen sometimes, and when it does, it can be very costly to those who have purchased items under that brand.

You won’t have to worry about that with Electrolux. We’ve been around for 100 years, and we’re now a global company. We’ve never been stronger than we are today, and the future is looking even more promising.

Our Commercial Modular Cooking Range is Versatile and Powerful

In a busy kitchen environment, efficiency is vital to success. Food needs to be turned out on schedule, and people need to be able to move through each stage of preparation as rapidly and safely as they possibly can.

Electrolux Professional equipment is designed with business in mind. We know you don’t just want a safe and efficient kitchen; you need it. So everything we make is created in order to provide maximum efficiency and safety.

With multiple cooking stations in one unit, and as many processes as possible automated, the workload is reduced and simplified. One trained chef may easily manage many different cooking processes without ever needing to look away from the cooking area.

Hot Features of Our Modular Cooking System

We are justifiably proud of the sheer design excellence that has gone into the creation of our modular cookers. You will know from your very first encounter that this is no idle boast. Preparing food with any of our modular cooking ranges can only be described as a pleasure.

Here are just a few of the features you will notice and appreciate about the modular cooking ranges available from Electrolux Professional in Australia:

  • Choose from pre-configured or custom configuration according to your need
  • Quality stainless steel exterior surface for durable good looks and easy cleaning
  • High performance grill tops in either gas or electric versions
  • Dual zone gas cooking hobs to suit 8kW or 16kW burners. Dual zone electric hobs
  • Automated programmable pasta cookers. Make perfect al dente pasta every time
  • Programmable gas or electric fryers with capacity from 5 to 23 litres
  • Electric chip scuttles for simultaneously draining oil and keeping the product warm
  • Solid top gas cookers with cast iron cooking plates for reliable long term performance
  • Chromium plated gas fry tops with thermostatic control and frontal simmer zone
  • Bain-Marie units to keep food warm, featuring incoloy armoured heating elements
  • High capacity (from 60L to 250L) boiling pan units, either gas or electric powered
  • High capacity (from 60L to 100L) braising pan units, either gas or electric powered
  • Induction cooking plate units (1, 2, or 4 plate models available)
  • Multi-function cooking units with capacity from 11 to 22 litres
  • Refrigerated base units, for quick access to chilled items (helps save space and/or expand your refrigerated storage capacity).

You decide what your kitchen needs and we make it possible to get the exact configuration you want and remember you can always add more modules as your needs change.

Electrolux Professional has expert commercial kitchen planners who can provide any advice you may need about commercial kitchen equipment, so get in touch today and find out more about the many products and services we offer.

We are proud to be known as the premier global brand that businesses trust to get the job done. We supply Australia with commercial range hood filters. Additionally, we specialise in delivering high-quality commercial grills and commercial kettles. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
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Modular Cooking

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Flower flame

Flower flame with thermographic


Multifunctional cooker

Pasta cooker

Programmable pasta cooker

Programmable fryer

HP electric grill

Accessories for 900XP and 700XP Modular Cooking Ranges

Professional degreaser

Our professional degreaser is the ideal cleaning solution for cooking surfaces at high temperatures. It is reccomended for fry tops, braising pans and multifunctional cookers.

Pasta cooker baskets

Entirely made in AISI 304 to ensure maximum hygiene, our baskets are designed to offer maximum ergonomics.

Discover what 900XP and 700XP modular ranges can do for your business

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  • Modular Cooking Range Line700XP 2 Drawer Refrigerated Base

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    700XP 2 Drawer Refrigerated Base

    Refrigerated base with 2GN1/1 drawers, +10-2°C, automatic evaporation of defrost condense
    • Defrosting and automatic evaporation of condense drain: the condense is automatically evaporated thanks to the electric resistance in the condense drain container.
    • GN compliant.
    • Designed for modular installation into the cooking block.
    • Unit can be easily installed below other 700 line top models.

  • Modular Cooking Range Line900XP Gas Solid Top on Gas Oven

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    900XP Gas Solid Top on Gas Oven

    Gas solid top (10,5 kW) on gas oven (8,5 kW)
    • Gas heated, 10.5 kW central burner, solid top.
    • Durable cast iron cooking plate, easy to clean.
    • The center of the plate can reach a maximum temperature of 500 °C while decreasing outwards.
    • Central burner with optimized combustion, flame failure device and protected pilot light.

  • Modular Cooking Range Line900XP Automatic Basket Lifting System - 200 mm

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    900XP Automatic Basket Lifting System - 200 mm

    Automatic programmable basket lifting system for 40lt pasta cookers, 3 lifters
    • Unit may be placed on either side of the pasta cooker or in combination with a second automatic lifting unit on the opposite side to provide lifting for 6 single portion square baskets
    • 200 mm wide automatic basket lifting system with 3 stainless steel basket supports, to provide lifting for one 1/3 basket per lifter (baskets are optional accessories to be ordered separately).
    • The electronic programmability and automatic lifting of the baskets make this unit a must for any kitchen wanting to standardize their cooking procedures.
    • Programmability and automatic lifting function guarantee repeatability of the cooking cycle, thus ensuring the same high quality of the food time after time due to the automation of the entire cooking process.

  • Modular Cooking Range Line900XP 2 Drawer Ref-freezer Base (R452A)

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    900XP 2 Drawer Ref-freezer Base (R452A)

    HP ref-freezer base with 2 drawers, -22/+8° C - R452A
    • Exclusive [i]IcyHot[/i] installation: combine the gas PowerGrill HP top or the gas Fry Top HP 1200 mm with the dual temperature refrigerated/freezer base HP and obtain a single appliance which simultaneously increases productivity and facilitates cooking and storage operations.
    • Unit delivered with 50 mm height adjustable feet in Stainless steel.
    • Adjustable temperature range from refrigerated to freezer mode (-20°C to 10 °C) to suit meat, fish and dairy storage requirements.
    • Two drawers to accept 1 GN2/1 containers each (maximum height 100mm) or imperial-size pans.

  • Modular Cooking Range Line700XP 2-Burner Gas Boiling Top

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    700XP 2-Burner Gas Boiling Top

    2-burner (5,5 kW each) gas boiling top
    • Unit to be mounted on open base cupboards, bridging supports or cantilever systems.
    • The two 5.5 kW high efficiency flower flame burners allow the flame to adapt to different size pans.
    • Gas appliance supplied for use with natural or LPG gas, conversion jets supplied as standard.
    • Large sized pan support in cast iron (stainless steel as option) with long center fins to allow the use of the largest down to the smallest pans.

  • Modular Cooking Range Line900XP 2-Burner Gas Boiling Top, 10 kW

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    900XP 2-Burner Gas Boiling Top, 10 kW

    2-burner (10kW each) gas boiling top
    • Unit to be mounted on open base cupboards, bridging supports or cantilever systems.
    • The two 10 kW high efficiency burners are available in 100 mm diameter with continuous power regulation from 2.2 kW to 10 kW.
    • Gas appliance supplied for use with natural or LPG gas, conversion jets supplied as standard.
    • Large sized pan support in cast iron (stainless steel as option) with long center fins to allow the use of the largest down to the smallest pans.