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Dairy Farms

Electrolux Professional Farm solution gives you:

  • Always clean, warm and moist teat towels thanks to a strictly regulated washing process (tested by Svenska Mejerilaboratoriet AB) for every milking session.
  • You avoid manual wringing of the towels and contact with hazardous chemicals.
  • Minimal amounts of contaminating spores and bacteria, which guarantees higher returns.
  • Time-saving – up to an hour a day compared to manual washing.
  • Wash program for work clothes.
  • Made entirely of stainless steel, designed for milking room environments.
  • Freshly washed teat towels reduce time, energy and environmental impact.


Teat Towel Process

Easy to clean teat towels

1 - Remove the clean, warm, pre-moistened teat towels from the washer extractor just before you start milking. The towels are prepared to your precise requirements and are ready to use.

2 - Take your teat towels with you to the milking shed. No heavy lifting of water buckets required. No strenuous hand wringing of towels. No unnecessary contact with hazardous chemicals. Dung and other mess on the teats can be easily wiped off with the warm, moist towels. This is far more hygienic than other cleaning methods, reducing the risk of contamination in the milk and safeguarding your financial returns.

3 - After milking, place the used towels straight into the washer, add the right amount of detergent, select a program and press the start button. And that’s all you need to do – the washer extractor takes care of the rest. When it’s time to milk the cows again, the teat towels are ready to use.

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