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Rapid return on investment

Rapid return
on investment

Cleaning businesses know that maintaining profitability means delivering the best possible results while maximising productivity.

Many would jump at the chance to use a water-based system because replacing perc with water as a solvent achieves a safer and more thorough clean.

But doesn’t wet cleaning usually involve a lot of extra time to hang dry and finish garments once cleaned? Not now lagoon® Advanced Care has rewritten the rulebook.

Wet cleaning no longer creates bottlenecks in the workflow.

There is no need for staff to stand idly by waiting for garments to dry because with lagoon® Advanced Care fabrics and textiles come out of the machine touch-dry.

Finishing is faster because garments have very few wrinkles when the cycle is completed and clean garments can be returned to the customer in as little as one hour.

Furthermore, with its advanced mechanical design and smart detergents lagoon® Advanced Care delivers a more thorough clean than any alternative system.

Best-in-class results and efficient workflow go a long way to ensuring that a business sees a fast return on investment – as well as delighting customers who will come back time and again.

lagoon® Advanced Care offers even more than that.

It is comparable to dry cleaning in terms of detergent costs and drying times but overall it is more convenient per garment to use lagoon® Advanced Care than either dry cleaning or traditional wet cleaning systems.



Per garment it is more convenient to use lagoon® Advanced Care
than dry cleaning or traditional wet cleaning systems

lagoon® Advanced Care innovative design ensures smooth workflow
and eliminates any bottlenecks from the standard wet cleaning process

Finishing is quicker as garments come out of the machine touch-dry

Discover what lagoon Advanced Care can do for your business

lagoon advanced care



Best-in-class performance with a small footprint: that’s lagoon® Advanced Care.