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Keep customers coming back

Keep customers
coming back

Repeat business is the lifeblood of any company in the commercial cleaning sector. So it is essential that a cleaning system achieves the best possible results with a fast turnaround time. Consistently delivering the best results requires a great deal of attention to pre-spotting every stain on any kind of fabrics, and ensuring that the finishing process is both thorough and efficient to ensure that maintaining high quality does not create a backlog in the workflow.

The lagoon® Advanced Care is a wet cleaning system that delivers best in class results on any type of fabric thanks to its smart detergents and meticulously designed wash programmes. Water is the only solvent it uses along with a range of eco-friendly detergents, so it is kind to fabrics while achieving a truly deep clean with little or no prespotting. Its innovative design means garments come out touch-dry and with minimal need for finishing.

The results are so good that it is the first wet cleaning system to have been by endorsed The Woolmark Company in 2004. Garments come out smelling fresh, stain-free and revitalised. Customers will be so happy that they will not only keep coming back, but will also spread the word about your business.



Wet cleaning is the best option for achieving a truly deep clean without harsh chemicals

Water-based systems revitalise garments, which come out dry to the touch, soft and smelling natural

lagoon® Advanced Care combines the high standards of wet cleaning with the fast workflow of dry cleaning

Fast turnaround times and a truly deep clean keep customers happy, and happy customers are the best advertisements for any business

Discover what lagoon Advanced Care can do for your business

lagoon advanced care



Best-in-class performance with a small footprint: that’s lagoon® Advanced Care.