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Dry-to-Dry in 1 hour

Dry-to-Dry in 1 hour

If the quality of the cleaning process and the experience of using a system were the only factors influencing the choice of equipment for a professional cleaning business, then there is no doubt that most would opt for wet cleaning. Why? It is kinder to fabrics and textiles and does not use harsh solvents. Yet, the stumbling block has always been the concern about productivity, as drying and finishing have historically taken much longer with water-based systems – but any more.

The lagoon® Advanced Care is the first water-based system that guarantees a process time of just one hour from receipt of a garment to delivery. Not only are professional cleaning businesses or high-end hotels able to offer an unbeatable express service, but also they can also improve the end results with deeper, safer cleaning processes.

In fact, lagoon® Advanced Care has the potential to perform better than dry cleaning in terms of both quality and turnaround times. Its smart, environmentally-friendly chemicals and processes mean garments are fully dried in the dryer, so there is no need to hang dry. There is none of the residual moisture usually associated with wet cleaning – garments are dry to the touch and have no wrinkles, so finishing is quick and easy. lagoon® Advanced Care provides the smooth workflow that prevents any backlogs and the equipment is easy to use, even for new staff.

James Leat, from Ideal Cleaners, says: “Garments come out of the machine dry, even curtains come out with very little need for finishing. lagoon® Advanced Care Advanced Care has really revolutionised this business.



With lagoon® Advanced Care there is no need to hang dry, as garments come out dry to the touch

The new detergents used with lagoon® Advanced Care coat and protect a garment’s fibres so they are quick and easy to finish

lagoon® Advanced Care is easy to use and requires no special training, just familiar process that now achieve better results

Discover what lagoon Advanced Care can do for your business

lagoon advanced care



Best-in-class performance with a small footprint: that’s lagoon® Advanced Care.