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Delicate on the delicates

Delicate on the delicates

Until now the professional cleaning options for some delicate fabrics have been limited. Some garments cannot be dry-cleaned and traditional wet cleaning can seem laborious and time-consuming. Customers do not like solvents to be used on delicates but still want to achieve a deep cleaning that is hard to achieve without them.

Now, there is a water-based system that offers not only the speed and efficiency of dry cleaning, but also the gentleness of wet cleaning. lagoon® Advanced Care is the first wet cleaning system to have won the endorsement of The Woolmark Company. The system has achieved this unique status because it involves less mechanical action than other water-based systems and, as a result, it is gentle on wools and fine textiles.

Water is the only solvent that can return a garment to its original beauty and the lack of harsh chemicals means lagoon® Advanced Care can handle any fabric or ‘dry clean only’ garment. Delicate garments get a new lease of life and come out clean and fresh. There is no loss of colour, no shrinkage, no chemical smell and no rigid feel to the garments.

Michael Williams, lagoon® Advanced Care and professional wet cleaning expert at Electrolux, says: “Our innovative wet cleaning process ensures all kinds of textiles are gently and efficiently cleaned. lagoon® Advanced Care delivers perfect cleanliness, a fresh smell, a soft touch, so from bright colours to brilliant white it preserves the quality of all your garments.



lagoon® Advanced Care is the first wet cleaning system to have won Woolmark approval

Using water as a natural solvent ensures all fabrics are cleaned gently and efficiently

lagoon® Advanced Care replaces or complements traditional dry cleaning and can be used for any garment marked ‘dry clean only’

Discover what lagoon Advanced Care can do for your business

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Best-in-class performance with a small footprint: that’s lagoon® Advanced Care.