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Commercial laundry equipment

Discover Electrolux, the company developing the world’s most sustainable and flexible Laundry solutions using customer insight to improve functionality, productivity and ergonomics.

Discover what Electrolux Laundry Solutions can do for your business


From customer insight to Excellence inside

The key to a profitable business? Durability, economy and flexibility.


Ultimate durability

Extra robust Washers, Dryers and Ironers that last longer. Due to robust mechanical construction, our machines require less maintenance and are optimised for all kinds of operations and environments – for reliability you can count on.

Power Balance

A revolutionary unbalance detection system with higher G-factor is just a sample of the intelligent features and added extras that will minimize the maintenance and extend the lifetime of our solutions.


Enhanced economy

Lowering operational costs, without compromising quality.

Laundry solutions that use less water, energy and detergent in order to make wash and dry cycles more efficient.

Ultimate savings on running costs with the Automatic Saving and Efficient Dosing Systems on washers and Residual Moisture Control on Dryers.


Maximum flexibility

The new Compass Pro®, the intuitive interface with up to 55 programs, maximises performance and gives you all the flexibility you could wish for.

In addition to making life easier, this offers you unique ergonomic extras even before loading.

Discover what Electrolux Laundry Solutions can do for your business


efficient dosing system

Dosing System

Save up to 40% on detergent

Better for the textiles,
better for your wallet

The Efficient Dosing System allows the washer and the detergent dispensers to communicate effectively and calculate the precise amount of detergent based on the linen weight and selected wash program.
This leads to cost savings in detergent.

Discover more

Discover what Electrolux Laundry Solutions and
the Efficient Dosing System can do for your business