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Prostore 500 - 800 liters

Top performing refrigerated cabinets:
only 700mm depth

Prostore refrigerated cabinets 700mm

prostore refrigerator offers unique storage capacity


Thanks to their 700mm depth, the prostore cabinets perfectly fit with the rest of the Electrolux Professional range.

storage capacity

Storage Capacity


Up to 65 liters more space*

The new prostore provides the highest net capacity in the market.

Its 700mm depth fits with tables and refrigerated counters optimizing the kitchen layout.

Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency


55% less energy consumption*

prostore guarantees lower running costs and respects the environment.

Assures excellent performance and longer life thanks to the use of R290 natural refrigerant gas and Cyclopentane isolating foam.

silent operation

Silent Operation


50% lower noise level*

Designed for a kitchen yet perfect for a library.

prostore guarantees a better working environment.

*compared to equivalent refrigerated cabinets.


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prostore refrigerator, everything you need from a refrigerated cabinet



cook and chill process

Cook and Chill process
with prostore


The customer can easily complete the cook and chill procedure by transferring the gastronomy mobile tray support from the oven, to the chiller and finally into the refrigerated cabinet. Moreover, the prostore 500 accepts gastronorm 1/1 trays in a lengthwise position.

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prostore dual

prostore dual, two solutions in one cabinet

Store up to 15% more food
with maximum flexibility

Our new prostore dual offers you even more peace of mind with up to 15% extra food storage in only 700mm depth, plus the maximum flexibility of two separated storage areas.



Varied storage of foods in two separate areas


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