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Boiling Pans

The product features

  • Round kettle is suitable to cook, sauté or poach all kinds of produce.
  • Produce is uniformly heated in the base and side walls of the kettle by an indirect heating system that uses integrally generated saturated steam at a temperature of 110° C in the jacket.
  • Incoloy armoured elements with safety thermostat positioned in the jacket cavity base.
  • External valve allows to manually evacuate excess air accumulated in the jacket during heating phase.
  • Appliance is IPX5 water resistance certified.
  • Manometer allows to correctly control the functioning of the pan.
  • Energy regulation through a control knob.
  • Safety thermostat protects against low water level.
  • Safety valve avoids overpressure of the steam in the jacket.
  • No overshooting of cooking temperatures, fast reaction.
  • Large capacity food tap enables safe and effortless discharging of contents.
  • Firmly fitting cover to reduce cooking time and save energy costs.
  • Ergonomic: the depth of the vessel facilitates stirring the food, also the most delicate food.
  • Discharge tube and tap are very easy to clean from outside.
  • Closed heating system – no waste of energy.
  • Solenoid valve to refill with hot and cold water.
  • Smooth large surfaces, easy access for cleaning.
  • Pressure switch control monitors energy and water consumption.
  • The special design of the control knob system guarantees against water infiltration.
  • Kettle shall be double jacketed including high quality thermal insulation of the pan, saving energy and keeping ambient temperature low.
  • Pressed cooking vessel and double jacket in 316 AISI Stainless steel.
  • All exterior panels in Stainless Steel with Scotch Brite finishing.
  • Model has right-angled side edges to allow flush fitting joints between units, eliminating gaps and possible dirt traps.

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  • Electric
  • Supply voltage: 400 V/3N ph/50/60 Hz
  • Total Watts: 21.5 kW
  • Key Information:
  • Pan useful capacity: 100 lt
  • Vessel (round) diameter: 600 mm
  • Net weight: 135 kg
  • Shipping weight: 127 kg
  • Shipping height: 1240 mm
  • Shipping width: 880 mm
  • Shipping depth: 1140 mm
  • Shipping volume: 1.24 m³
  • No clearance needed on rear sides of unit if wall is of non combustible type. If wall is combustible, minimum 50 mm wall clearance should be maintained. *

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Modular Cooking Range Line
900XP Electric Cylindrical Boiling Pan 100lt



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Modular Cooking Range Line
900XP Electric Cylindrical Boiling Pan 100lt 391118

100-lt electric boiling pan with pressure switch, indirect heating

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