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Planetary mixers

New BE5 and BE8: a combination of performances

quality ingredients and
high performing mixers

A wide range of planetary mixers:
from 5 to 80 litres.

Variable speed rotation
from 67 rpm to 740 rpm.

100% dishwasher safe components.

Easy to add ingredients
during operation.

"Clip" system, without screws, to ensures easy removal and cleaning.


Safety comes first

Your health is important to us always. In 2016 there will be a new European Regulations but we do not want to wait


Dynamic preparation health protection

Healt protection

Your health will be protected by the new BLIND/SOLID SPLASH GUARD in the models from 20 lt to 80 lt limit the flour dust emissions, in case of bakery/pastry preparations.

Dynamic preparation hand protection

Hand protection

The BOWL DETECTION DEVICE, in models from 5 lt to 80 lt, blocks the machine and does not permit it to start unless the bowl is properly positioned and set with the splash guard.

Dynamic preparation BPA free

BPA Free

The absence of this chemical contribute to render the product safe for your health

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