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Food processor

Food processor

High powered, built to last. The ideal machines for the professional chef. 

The Electrolux's range of Food processors includes models with 1 speed, 2 speed or variable speed. The range is suitable  to chop, mince, grind, blend and starts from 3  to 17 liters (nominal capacity).

With some models of the Electrolux's Food processors you can have 2 machines in 1: food processor and emulsifier, so that to emulsify thanks to the scraper.

They have a unique high chimney that  increases the real capacity of the bowl (use up to 75% of nominal capacity).Variable speed models: maximum speed 3700 rpm.

All parts in contact with food are dismountable and dishwasher safe.

Safe storage Waterproof and ergonomic 100% dishwasher safe Silent operation

Safe storage of your blades granted by wall mounted blade holder

Waterproof and ergonomic control panel (IP55)

100% dishwasher safe: blade, lid, scraper and stainless steel bowl

Silent operation and long life for heavy jobs is ensured by a powerful compact induction motor

BPA free

Our Food Preparation goes the extra mile
for healthy food!

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