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Blast Chillers & Freezers

blast chillers and freezers

To chill and
lock in freshness

Optimize the workflow in your kitchen: increase the shelf life of food and reduce waste.

Our innovative blast chillers and freezers are crafted to complete the integrated Cook&Chill process.

Soft, hard and shock! 

Use the proper cycle selection to keep your ingredients and creations deliciously fresh and perfectly preserved

  • Soft chilling for delicate foods like leafy or cut vegetables and seafood
  • Hard chilling for solid and firm foods, including stews, casseroles and slabs of meat and poultry
  • Shock freezing is used for all kinds of raw, half and fully cooked foods to store over a long period of time


food safety under control

Serve quality and safe food by keeping your chilling processes under control.

Access HACCP data and alarm messages quickly and easily: turn on the blast chiller, connect a USB key and download the data from the last 30 days in a few seconds.

Frequency per day and for how many days can be adjusted according to your needs.


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