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The fitness program for terry towels, sports textiles and more

In-house Laundry for Leisure and Sports

Save time and money: In-house Laundry are not just superior in terms of convenience and efficiency, they’re actually more profitable, reliable and sustainable.

Electrolux Professional solutions offer a variety of intelligent features with plenty of in-built extras.

They’re straightforward to use and can easily be managed by staff without distracting them from other tasks.


Our experience and global leadership in laundry solutions keeps gyms and sports clubs clean and ready for action.

  • Superior quality and highest flexibility versus outsourced laundry
  • Professional solutions made to last more than 30,000 cycles for rapid returns on investment
  • Excellence inside: intelligent features and special programs for gyms and sports clubs – such as terry towel programs for permanent use and special programs for professional handling of sports textiles
  • Enhances your business by providing service packages for your customers (such as membership + towels + washing of sports gear)




Discover what our In-house Laundry solutions can do for your business