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In-House Laundry

improve your business with an In-House Laundry

Improve Your Business with an In-House Laundry

You wouldn’t dream of handing over a valuable business asset to a stranger. And you certainly wouldn’t willingly pay for parting with it.


But that’s what you do every time you outsource your businesses laundry.

The fact is that outsourcing is not the answer to your laundry needs. It is instead a costly short-term fix that takes control out of your hands. The only long-term answer is your own In-House Laundry.

When you opt for an In-House Laundry you get immediate and total control in the following areas:

  • Reduced overheads
  • Reduced linen inventory, i.e. reduced costs
  • Longer linen life
  • Availability and control of stock
  • Increased flexibility – laundry on demand
  • Transportation costs are eliminated
  • Careful treatment by own personnel









Worldwide Service Excellence

A reliable, global presence: Electrolux Professional offers the most extensive service network of skilled, authorized partners for daily tasks: installation, spare parts and maintenance.

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Greener and Brighter Future

An in-house laundry is the way forward as it always pays back the investment over time and guarantee better quality while taking care of the environment.

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References and solutions

Hotel Mardan Palace

In-House Laundry

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The Old Course Hotel

In-House Laundry
St. Andrews, Scotland

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Four Seasons Hotel

in-House Laundry

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Les Barmes de l’Ours

In-House Laundry
Val d'Isère, France

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