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efficent floor claning

Microfibre Excellence:
we care for your assets


Textiles that last longer

Shorter, quicker processes

Reduced operating, energy and detergent costs


Combined with excellent cleaning results, not to mention a clean sheet in terms of hygiene standards.

Electrolux Professional facilitates enhanced business performance – on all fronts.

  • 30% shorter drying cycles, 30% higher drying volumes, reductions of up to 60% in electricity use
  • Excellence inside: intelligent features and special programs for microfibre mops and cloths
  • Less maintenance and cleaning – no build-up of fluff and blocked pipes
  • Saves costs and effort thanks to user-friendly Compass Control® program package
  • Saves time and money, optimises hygiene by treating mops with cleaning fluids and disinfectant during final rinsing
  • Enhanced flexibility thanks to special pre-programmed washing programs for "normal" or "hygiene" washes
  • Service Excellence thanks to the world's most extensive service network

facility management laundry

Designed and built to meet the mop challange

The special mop washer extractor includes a special wash program package (3 mop programs and 4 general programs), special heating elements, a special inner drum
and an electric drain valve for quick drainage.

  • Taking care of lint with Electrolux Professional specially designed, stainless
    steel lint collector which prevents lint from entering the sewage system.

  • Automatic detergent dosing device that gives you reliable wash results,
    cost savings and a more environmentally friendly operation.

  • Certus Management Information System (CMIS) - monitor all operating costs and program & consumption data.

Discover more about our special mop programs
and laundry solutions for facility management


Abecs bacteria control on floor mop

Excellent bacteria control in less time, with better results

Traditional methods of cleaning require labour intensive preparation methods. abecs™ is unique, it saves time and money on both the laundering and manual labour required to prepare for cleaning.

Unique bacterial control
for surfaces

abecs™ - Intelligent cleaning by Electrolux, is an innovative cleaning concept, creating a unique bacterial control for surfaces and microfibre mops and cleaning cloths.

  • abecs™ improves the life of microfibre cleaning materials such as mops and cloths
  • abecs™ enhances the efficacy of cleaning regimes and overall hygiene providing a safer and cleaner environment for employees, operatives and patients
  • abecs™ decreases the risk of catching infections from dirty and contaminated cleaning materials reducing the threat of bacteria outbreaks
  • abecs™ dramatically reduces the spread of pathogenic bacteria on all touch surfaces and flooring in public areas
  • abecs™ removes the need for workers to handle or mix potentially harmful chemicals
  • abecs™ leaves a long lasting surface contamination prevention property in between cleaning reducing bacteria growth in between cleaning
  • Microfibre has an immediate effect when used on surfaces resulting in an instant reduction in bacteria growth


Discover what abecs™ can do for your business