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care homes laundry solutionsCare Homes

Total hygiene control

Total hygiene control in laundry processes is of paramount importance in elderly care facilities. Bedlinen, towels, serviettes and clothing require special cleaning solutions that eradicate the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

More than 500 barrier washer installations every year

Made-to-measure hygiene laundry solutions for your individual needs

Maximum control and traceability in all laundry processes

Full compliance with the strictest hygiene standards

Delicate on the delicates with lagoon®, the first wet-cleaning system approved by The Woolmark® Company

The voice of our customers


Carolinenhohe - Elke Nekes - Laundry ManagerCarolinenhöhe
Care Home

Ingelhelm - Germany

"Most of all, needed compact, easy-to-use equipment that would deliver outstanding washing performance. That’s why we chose Electrolux. We were also impressed by the excellent support provided by the service representative and the dryer’s heat pump technology." 

Elke Nekes, Laundry Manager

JHC Laundry - Janelle Weidyk - Senior SupervisorJHC Laundry
Care Home

Perth - Australia

"... the supply and installation of Electrolux machinery have helped us immensely with productivity and efficiencyand the new boilers provided have greatly improved hygiene levels. I highly recommend Commercial Laundry Systems and Electrolux machinery. We have not had any problems since the new upgrade and all staff members are highly satisfied with the machinery, which is very easy to operate."
Janelle Weidyk, Senior Supervisor

DPS Syrena - Malgorzata Slomlan - DirectorDPS Syrena
Care Home

Warsaw - Poland

"Our Nursing Old Aged Home is one of the biggest in Warsaw. I know all our clients by name and have direct contacts to them. A few years ago I started to totally renovate our care institution. My aim is to have a warm and nice place for our clients in a modern environment. Electrolux Professional fitted very well in my concept and vision and I am happy such a partner for a long time."
Malgorzata Slomlan, Director

Istituto Assistenza Anziani - Dino Verdolin - DirectorIstituto Assistenza Anziani
Care Home

Verona - Italy

"We are satisfied for two main reasons: the firs is because we can verify the quality of the clean garment at a hygienic level, and the second is that the quality of the cleanliness significantly improved so patients and their families are ver satisfied. Moreover the support of Electrolux is excellent." 

Dino Verdolin, Director

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