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Enhance your business with someone who understands your business.

Textile Laundry ServiceElectrolux Professional offers global leadership and the number 1 expertise in laundry solutions.

We have the largest solution variety and software and program flexibility on the market.

Our solutions provide significant time and money savings in the total process through ‘Excellence inside’ – intelligent features and unique extras.

  • Excellence inside: intelligent features and special programs for Commercial Laundry
  • Saves water, detergent and energy thanks to Integrated Saving System
  • Faster cycle times
  • Lower water retention, faster dewatering thanks to higher G-Forces and Super Balance, plus faster drying thanks to RMC Residual Moisture Control and Drum Speed Control
  • Increasing profitability thanks to exact process monitoring (Certus Management Information System)
  • Saves time and effort thanks to best ironing performance on the market
  • A wide range of ironing solutions – up to complete ironing lanes, including feeding and folding equipment
  • Superior service flexibility – experts, training and the world’s largest service network


Discover what Textile Laundry Solutions can do for your business

commercial laundry

Intelligent features and unique extras

Excellence is central to everything we do. By anticipating our customers' needs, we strive for Excellence with our people, innovations, solutions and services. Thus making our customers' work and life easier and more profitable.

Electrolux Excellence

Easy download of programs
with Laundry Program Manager

  • Create custom programms on your PC
  • Transfer to machines via memory card
    (Clarus Control®) or USB cable
    (Compass Control® / Compass Pro®)

Total cost control
with Certus Management™ Information System
Innovative software from Electrolux

  • Increase savings and profitability 
  • Enables process validation

Energy and water savings
thanks to Integrated Saving System

  • Optimal use of water
  • Higher quality wash results

The best customising
with Clarus Control® 

  • Fully programmable with up to 
    194 programs for optimal
    laundry processes

Maximum dewatering
with Super Balance™ for faster drying

  • Extra stability prevents unbalance
  • Less maintenance costs, longer

Time savings in finishing
with Reversing Drum Action

  • Prevents tangling and reduces
    creasing of large items

Highest productivity
thanks to Residual Moisture Control

  • Measures the exact moisture content
    troughout the whole process

Time optimisation
with Drum Speed Control

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Controls free fall of garments in air flow

30% more output
with Dubixium™ multilayer cylinder
Patented by Electrolux

  • Efficiency of steam
  • Guaranteed maximum profitability

Always excellent quality
and increased productivity
with Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture
Management System
Unique and patented by Electrolux

Excellent user-friendlyness
thanks to Smart Interface for IC series

  • Ensures full controll over the process
    and consistent quality


Discover what Textile Laundry Solutions can do for your business

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with Excellent solutions that will save you time and money.

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