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Commercial Laundries

Excellence is central to everything we do.

By anticipating our customers’ needs, we strive for Excellence with our people, innovations, solutions and services.

Thus making our customers’ work and life easier and more profitable.





Choose your tailor-made solution


Specific requirements in terms of speed, performance and cost are our benchmark for configuring customised solutions.

Washer, dryer, ironer – all Electrolux Professional Solutions complement each other perfectly. Choose the most profitable solution package for your business from the following!

• Superior solution
Washer W41100H, Dryer T41200, C-Flex IL Feeder, C-Flex Ironer, C-Flex IL Flat Folder

• Advanced solution
Washer W4400H, Dryer T4900, Ironer IC44832 FFS

• Access solution
Washer W4240, Dryer T5550, Ironer IC43320  

Tailor-made solution
With innovative planning tools, our laundry experts will simulate any kind of configuration and provide you with a virtual reality draft. We are your partner throughout the entire process.

Electrolux C-Flex Ironer