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Side Load Barrier Washers

barrier washer,
your reliable
hygiene partner

Guaranteed hygiene

Electrolux Hygiene Watchdog (HW) ensures that any wash program performs to its end before it allows unloading on the clean side. The best defense against the spreading of micro-organisms and cross infections.

Unprecedented ergonomics

Automatic inner drum door opening, lightest and largest doors on the market making it the safest and easiest machine to operate.

Improved productivity

The barrier washer offers an extra cycle per day compared to equivalent machines on the market.

Low operation costs

The optimized design of the machine drum reduces the dead volume and saves water at each step you run. Coupled with the Electrolux Efficient Dosing System, your barrier washer will also automatically adjust the detergent quantity to the actual load inside, saving you detergent and money.

Control and traceability

Certus Management® Information System (CMIS) allows for the highest level of control and traceability throughout the whole hygiene process.

Discover what Electrolux barrier washers can do for your business