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Commercial Ranges

Commercial cooking range,
the integral part of your professional kitchen

900XP and 700XP - Trust the experience

The 900XP and 700XP ranges work well to anticipate your needs in the main market segments like quick and full service restaurants and high productivity kitchens.

thermaline modular ranges - Built for the toughest kitchens

Packed with innovation, thermaline commercial ranges allows operators to reduce energy consumption and obtain the very best results and highest levels of efficiency.

Electrolux Professional Ecotop allows users to save up to 35% of energy consumption, whilst the patented flower flame burners concentrate the heat on the bottom of the pan, reducing energy wastage and enabling savings of up to 65%.

thermaline M2M - Made to Measure

A cooking range designed with the same precision as a jewel of rare beauty. With over 40 different cooking options, thermaline M2M is a kitchen like no other, a tailor-made masterpiece, the perfect mix of reliable innovation, high efficiency and one-of-a-kind design.




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