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Libero Line plug-in Equipment

libero line

Libero Point: the versatile mobile kitchen to cook and serve everyone, anywhere


Libero Point is a versatile compact mobile kitchen-like equipment designed to hold electric top appliances from the Libero Line range, allowing to prepare and serve fresh and nifty dishes to everyone, anywhere and in record time!

Next to your food

The Libero Point with integrated refrigerated drawers extended the range of Libero mobile cooking units and preserves fresh foods while keeping you closer to the foods you need.

You can serve hundreds of meals efficiently with no compromise on food quality, especially when you serve gourmet buffets in a hurry.

libero line in front of customers

Tecnological Anti-Odour System reduces odours emitted during cooking:

- Labyrinth filter with metallic fine-mesh filter to capture the major part of steam and grease.

- Carbons activated filter, they absorbe remaining steam and volatile particles generated during cooking.

Next to your customers

The innovative Anti-Odour system with triple filtering ventilation reduces bad odours emitted during cooking, making Libero Point the ideal solution for any kind of setting (indoor or outdoor) in which foods can be cooked: from the room where breakfasts or brunches are served, to the swimming pool area or the garden where clients can be delighted with aperitifs and tea parties, sparkling happy hours or romantic buffet.

Discover what Libero Line
can do for your business


Libero Line offers a full range of equipment
including mobile units and plug-in cooking appliances


Libero Point with refrigerated drawers and optional nutral drawers

Libero Point with optional neutral drawers

Libero Line - Serve everyone, anywhere



Makro Cash & Carry

Inspiring your customers

As a large player in the retail market, we're constantly working to surprise our customers, to offer them something more. By integrating a Libero Point in each of our 15 outlets, we've upgraded our in-store experiences. We can now offer not only the high quality ingredients, but also a high level of inspiration. We want to inspire our customers, show them new items, new combinations, all following the rhythm of the seasons. Moreover, thanks to the Libero Point mobile kitchens, we're not only limited to indoor demos and events, but we can easily move them to different locations also for external events. Flexibility, reliability and an exclusive look are their 3 major assets

Kenneth Vansina
Head of Customer Experience
Makro Cash & Carry Belgium

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libero point

In 2011 Libero Point - now available with integrated refrigerated drawers - received the prestigious Janus de l’Industrie, one of the most important European design awards.

"Janus de l'industrie" award

Assigned since 1953 by the French Institute of Design, the Janus de l’Industrie is a mark of recognition, which rewards products that have fundamental design excellence, reflect ethical and environmental impact and provide economical values to users.

While evaluating an appliance, the judges take into consideration the stock of improvements in the industrial process through standardization of assembly process and materials choice.


Discover what Libero Line can do for your business


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