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Accessories and consumable for cook and chill

Genuine accessories for cook and chill

Get the best results out of your air-o-system

volcano smoker and smoking wood flavors

Volcano smoker

Ideal for cooking and smoking of fish, pork, poultry, beef, cheese, bread, vegetables (using wood chips, dried spices) and for low temperature cooking with smoked flavour.

USB Sous-vide probe

The Sous-vide probe is ideal for sous-vide cooking to ensure that the correct core temperature is accurately reached without affecting the vacuum in the bag.

Accessories for gastronorm trays

In the set of accessories for gastronorm trays you can find non-stick u-pans, chicken grids, meat hooks, frying baskets, non-stick frying griddles, grills and egg fryers, universal skewer rack, potato baker, baguette tray and much more.

Accessories for bakery and pastry trays

A specific set of accessories for bakery and pastry trays such as grid trays, baguette tray, perforated trays and smooth trays.

Chicken system

The chicken system is composed by specific tray racks, together with grease collection trolleys with drip trays and fat filters.

Handling systems

Several solutions available for gastronorm handling, banqueting handling and bakery and pastry handling.

Installation accessories

Find the right accessory to shape your cook and chill system, such as bases, stacking kits, hoods and water treatment systems.

consumables for cook and chill

Cleaning solutions and consumables

Empower your cook and chill system by installing the kit to connect external rinse aid and detergent tank. Also available baskets for detergent tanks,external spray units and consumables, to keep your air-o-system at top performance.

Discover how to personalize your cook and chill system