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Original Spare Parts & Accessories as a Value Added Part of Electrolux Professional Equipment

When we speak of spare parts and accessories we should understand what is vital in order to ensure:

  • The safety of operations and customers (food)
  • The best performance and lifespan of your equipment
  • Compliance with hygiene and safety standards
  • Less downtime costs for replacement.

The use of non-genuine spare parts may lead to a forfeiture of the product’s guarantee, as well as a shorter duration of both the non-original spare parts and the equipment on which they have been installed.

“He who spends more, spends less” as the adage goes fits perfectly to this “original concept” for the long term in using original parts and accessories for professional appliances.

Keeping in mind the longevity and performance of your Electrolux professional equipment, remaining unchanged over time, provide it with the proper service using exclusive original Electrolux spare parts.







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