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  • Expo 2015 - Milano, Italy

    visitors expected at Expo 2015

    Electrolux Professional is there with the most innovative and sustainable cooking solutions,
    partnering with major global brands in prestigious locations and initiatives.  

    1st May - 31st October

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  • Change to
    ultimate durability,
    enhanced economy
    and best flexibility

    Electrolux Professional makes laundry
    easier than ever.

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  • E-flex glasswashers

    Pure Ease
    Pure Freshness
    Pure Service

    E-flex Glasswashers
    Especially designed
    for Bars, Pubs and Cafés

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  • Imagine...
    feeling secure
    wearing sanitized clothes

    The guaranteed culture of safety.
    Others talk, we wrote the book.

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  • Electrolux
    Grand Cuisine

    A revolution in home cooking
    by Electrolux Professional.

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Lucy’s Laundy

Electrolux helps California laundromat dramatically lower utilities and achieve profitability

Electrolux Professional washers and dryers dramatically lower water, energy, and increase profits. Customers appreciate the fast drying and time savings!
With strict water conservation efforts, severe drought conditions, and low water supplies, a person might think twice before opening a laundromat in Palmdale, CA, located in the Mojave Desert.

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“Art & Science Come Together” Workshop in US

“Art & Science Come Together” Workshop in US

Sous Vide Cooking - Innovative Culinary Technology

Monday, 31st August, 2015
Tuesday, 1st September, 2015

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Makro Cash & Carry - Metro Group - libero point

Libero Line
Inspire your customers

As a large player in the retail market, we're constantly working to surprise our customers, to offer them something more. By integrating a Libero Point in each of our 15 outlets, we've upgraded our in-store experiences.
Makro Cash & Carry - Metro Group

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Looking for a product to have at home. Visit our group site.

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Grand Cuisine

A revolution in home cooking by Electrolux Professional.

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News & Media

Latest News & Media

Discover more about Electrolux Professional.

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