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  • lagoon Advanced Care

    lagoon® Advanced Care


    A complete cleaning service
    in 55 minutes.

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  • thermaline restaurant stoves, design awards

    Voted by designers
    Chosen by design restaurants

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  • Savings on refrigeration - Calculator

    Today we serve...

    Savings on refrigeration!

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  • Electrolux Grand Cuisine

    Grand Cuisine


    A revolution in home cooking
    by Electrolux Professional.

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A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel,
word of the day: efficiency!

In the A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel, where nothing is left to chance and everything is studied in detail, we could not fail to have the best solutions on the market today: those of Electrolux Professional.

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Innovation in professional laundry

Innovation in
professional laundry

With the aim of accelerating the development of new products for the global commercial laundry market, Electrolux Professional has continued investment in its laundry R&D and manufacturing facility in Sweden.

Innovation in laundry

European energy labelling for commercial refrigeration

European new energy labelling for refrigeration. How does it work?


Electrolux Professional welcomes the new European energy labelling, a tool to give objective information about annual energy consumption.

Find out the new energy label

Household Appliances

Looking for a product to have at home. Visit our group site.

Household Appliances

Electrolux Grand Cuisine

A revolution in home cooking by Electrolux Professional.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine

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Latest News & Media

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