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  • Electrolux Professional with Eataly, together at Expo 2015

    Eat well, feel well

    Together with Eataly
    promoting sustainable cooking

    Electrolux Professional
    with Eataly, together at Expo 2015.
    Best quality food,
    best quality technology.

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  • Imagine...
    feeling secure
    wearing sanitized clothes

    The guaranteed culture of safety.
    Others talk, we wrote the book.

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  • Red Dot Award 2015

    Awarded by designers.
    Chosen by ambitious restaurants.

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  • Electrolux
    Grand Cuisine

    A revolution in home cooking
    by Electrolux Professional.

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Les Résidences de Bellevue

Setting the trend in green laundry with Electrolux Professional

Les Résidences de Bellevue cater to the dependent elderly with a capacity of 572 beds in 5 units and 10 day care areas for people with Alzheimer's, making it one of the first nursing homes in France.
In additon to being beautifully surrounded by 12 hectares of green in Bourges, Les Résidences de Bellevue clearly express their choice in following a green policy. For Mrs. Kraft, Deputy Director of Economic Services, the objectives of the institution are very clear.

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Perfect smoked & grilled pork with e-chef

Perfect smoked & grilled pork with e-chef

The ancient art of smoking is revised in a modern manner with deliciously tender & juicy results

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E-flex Glasswashers

Easier, Safer, Better
with your guests in focus

Fast service in sparkling, clean glasses and cups.
Whether you run a bar, pub or café, your focus is to always serve your guests in the best possible way.

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Looking for a product to have at home. Visit our group site.

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Grand Cuisine

A revolution in home cooking by Electrolux Professional.

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News & Media

Latest News & Media

Discover more about Electrolux Professional.

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