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  • Gulfood 2016 - 21-25 February 2016 DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTER

    Gulfood 2016

    21-25 February
    Dubai World Trade Center
    Visit us at the Gulfood,
    Zabeel Hall 4,C-40

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  • Ticking every box of ISO 6330 - The Unique T5130-LAB Dryer

    Electrolux Professional
    sets the standard

    Did you know that we set the standard
    for washing and drying textiles all over the world?
    Since 1969.

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  • E-flex glasswashers

    Pure Ease
    Pure Freshness
    Pure Service

    E-flex Glasswashers
    Especially designed
    for Bars, Pubs and Cafés

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  • Seminars, recipes, tips, meet our Chefs

    Looking for


    Be Creative

    your business is like a symphony

    Seminars, recipes, tips ...

  • Unique
    global service


    Always near. Always there for you.

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  • Electrolux
    Grand Cuisine


    A revolution in home cooking
    by Electrolux Professional.

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Cingel College promotes learning on the best to be the best

Cingel College promotes learning on the best
to be the best

The Cingel College in the heart of Breda is a secondary vocational school offering four different specializations: bread & pastry, hotel & catering, facility management and tourism.
Electrolux Professional was chosen to supply the training kitchen dedicated to the bread & pastry program. Their theory behind their choice was: if you want to be the best in cooking and baking, then you obviously need to learn on the best of the best.

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Rely on the experience of a global player and leading partner

Using the right laundry equipment can actually help save lives. Look after your Nomex® fire garments and other coatings with an In-house Laundry. As part of the cleaning process, your garments can also be impregnated.

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“Art & Science Come Together” workshop in Singapore

“Art & Science Come Together” workshop in Singapore

Workshop in Cook&Chill system for chef instructors

16th February 2016

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Looking for a product to have at home. Visit our group site.

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Grand Cuisine

A revolution in home cooking by Electrolux Professional.

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News & Media

Latest News & Media

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